What We Do (and have done!)

We are currently serving the JAARS center in Waxhaw North Carolina. JAARS provides quality technical support services and resources to speed Bible translation for all people. Michael is the administrator of several on-line learning sites which are used by Wycliffe to train it's members. Michael is also the bookeeper for the Central Africa group. He enjoys being able to keep in touch with the colleagues he worked with while in Central Africa. Wendy is busy home-schooling our children and on occasion giving tours at the Alphabet Museum.

Our first assignment in Wycliffe from 1995-1997 was doing language survey in Central African Republic and the Republic of Congo. Click here (movie opens in new window) to see a short flash movie which shows what language surveyors do. After our assignment in Congo, we came to the JAARS center where Michael was developping self-paced training courses for teaching translators how to use the various language related software which is created by Wycliffe. The courses are simulations of the actual software and is sent out on CD-ROM so that people can do the training anywhere. After our return from Congo, Wendy was one of the instructors for the spiritual discipleship classes which new members receiving training at JAARS took.


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